In this zone, you will find models of amazing creatures living in the ocean depths: a giant manta ray and a great white shark. The grace and power of these amazing ancient creatures are fascinating.

The center of the exhibition is a huge cylindrical aquarium with a height of about seven meters and a diameter of two meters. It is home to a large group of beautiful Caesio fish. Sometimes divers enter the aquarium, and the beauty of the exposition is emphasized by a special flickering illumination.

Another surprise expects you here: an observation window into the technical room of the main aquarium. This way, the Oceanarium reveals some of its technical secrets to you. Visitors will be able to see the technical zone from which divers enter the aquarium to feed the inhabitants and clean the scenery elements.

The Way to the Ocean exhibition will take Oceanarium visitors to the depths of the seas. Go down the stairs, and you will see jellyfish, sharks, bright coral fish and funny seals.

But you should see that with your eyes and open your own way to the ocean!


  • Double-lined fusilier
  • Giant devil ray
  • Great white shark