It is from this zone that your journey through the mysterious underwater world of our planet begins. This zone shows freshwater fauna and flora from different geographic regions. At the very entrance you will see exotic water turtles. The bright colors of Japanese carps are juxtaposed with the iridescence of melanotaenia from New Guinea. Huge sturgeons glide majestically deep in the water. You are sure to experience a lot of positive emotions when you see the favorites of all visitors to our Oceanarium: Asian clawless otters. Of the unique inhabitants of the Amazon, our exhibition features the famous piranhas, giant arapaimas, freshwater sting rays and other exotic fish species.


  • Alligator Snapping Turtle
  • Arapaima
  • Dyeing Poison Frog
  • Eurasian otter
  • Matamata
  • Porcupine river stingray
  • Red piranha
  • Russian sturgeon
  • Silver Arowana
  • White's tree frog