Saint Petersburg Oceanarium is a kind of underwater museum with live exhibits, which are the inhabitants of the aquatic environment. It is located in Planeta Neptun traiding and entertainment complex, at 86 Marata Str.

The idea behind the Oceanarium was suggested by the management of Rubin CJSC, and it was implemented by Hanu Laitila, a Finnish architect. The Oceanarium was opened on 27 April 2006.


The total area of Saint Petersburg Oceanarium is 5,000 square meters. There are 57 aquariums with a capacity of 10 to 750 liters. In the largest aquarium, there is a 35-meter-long underwater tunnel where visitors move on a travelator. The depth of this aquarium is from 3 to 5 meters, and its acrylic glass is 8 cm thick.

The unique living exposition of the Oceanarium demonstrates the beauty and sophistication of the underwater world: the collection contains more than 2,000 specimens of freshwater and marine fish, aquatic invertebrates, over 200 species of mammals.

You can spend a few very relaxing and fascinating hours watching the inhabitants of the underwater world.

Colorful fish, bright frogs, motionless rays and graceful sharks will calm you with their serenity, and clumsy seals and curious snouts of Asian otters will move you and make you smile!

We introduce something new at the exhibitions all the time, so even those who have visited the Oceanarium several times will discover something for themselves. Each visitor can not only get immersed in the atmosphere of the underwater world, but also become a spectator at fascinating performances in which the actors are sharks, rays and seals. Shows featuring these amazing creatures are held every day except Mondays.